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“Old Sultan” In a faraway village, there lived a farmer with his wife and little baby.. The farmer also had a loyal dog named Sultan.. who had grown old… The poor dog lost all his teeth and could not even bite his food properly.. When Sultan was younger, his sharp barks would scare the robbers even from a distance.. But now with old age. The robbers were not scared of Sultan any more.. The farmer felt that it was about time to give up on Sultan.. I cannot take care of Sultan any longer.. I am going to abandon him in the forest.. How can we do this to Sultan in his Old Age? Sultan went to the forest to confide into his good friend, the wolf, about his problems.. Wolf felt bad for his friend and immediately came up with a bright idea.. Next day, as usual, the farmer and his wife went to the farm to till the land.. Their little baby was neatly placed under the shade of a tree.. Sultan was on guard of the little baby.. The Wolf came near Sultan and said… Now bark loudly and run behind me.. The farmer and his wife left their work and started running behind the dog and wolf.. Sultan put his entire might and chased the wolf.. and finally they stopped inside a dark cave.. Sultan, take this child and go back home.. Your keepers will think that you have rescued the baby.. They will begin trusting you.. Thanks, dear friend! The farmer and his wife heaved a sigh of relief on seeing Sultan with their little baby.. The Farmer lovingly patted his dog and said… Forgive me my dear friend. You will stay with me forever! Late in the night, the wolf came to visit Sultan.. Hello friend, what brings you here so late in the night ? Sultan, what will I get in return for my help ? What is it that you want ? I am very hungry! Let me eat one of your master’s sheep.. What ?? I cannot do that.. If you can’t give me then I might as well snatch it away.. You are not going to get anything. Go away. You can not stop me.. he he.. I won’t spare you today, how dare you to touch my Sheep.. Stop right there..Stop.. Stop.. Sultan, You will have to pay for this.. The Wolf came up with a plan and called for his friend, the wild boar.. I need to speak with Sultan.. Bring him here.. Hey, the wolf has called you. Sultan knew that this was not a friendly invitation.. Clever Sultan requested his good friend, the cat, to come with him.. From a distance, the cat’s tail seemed to be a sharp sword. Good gracious! Sultan is coming with a sword.. I dont want to die..Let me hide. Huh? Let me hide as well. The boar hid himself behind a bush, and the wolf jumped up into a tree.. Sultan didn’t see the wolf and thought that he was still on his way ! The cat was carefully looking around and saw something wiggling behind the bush. The cat sprang upon the bush, hoping to catch a mouse.. The boar jumped up and started running for his life.. Sultan, please spare me.. I am not at fault.. The guilty one is up in the tree. He had asked me to come here.. Huh ? What are you doing up there.. Come down, for your friend has come to meet you.. The wolf was embarrassed that he was scared of a dog ! Moreover, a sense of guilt enveloped him as he realized how selfish he had become.. The moment the wolf jumped down from the tree, Sultan gave him a friendly hug.. and the rift between the two instantly disappeared. The wolf apologized for his behavior and promised to be good friends with Sultan again. So friends, the moral of the story is.. “An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness” “Little Red Ridinghood” Long long time ago.. In a faraway town.. There lived a sweet and adorable little girl.. Her name was Red Riding Hood… On her last Birthday.. Grandma gifted the little girl a beautiful red hooded cloak.. Ohh..! Waao Thank you Grandma.. The little girl loved the gift so much.. That she would wear it everywhere she would go… And so everyone began to fondly call her.. Red Riding Hood… One Day.. they got to know that Grandma is not well.. Immediately her Mother.. Made delicious hot chicken soup and fresh bread for Grandma.. Mom packed the food in a small basket.. And gave it to Red Riding Hood.. Mom instructed her saying.. Remember Red.. As you walk in the forest, do not loiter around And keep walking in the main path only… Do not talk to strangers on the way.. Yes, Mom. I promise to go straight to Grandma’s house.. Bye.. Bye.. Singing a merry tune.. Little Red Riding Hood was passing through the woods.. The wonderful aroma coming from her basket.. Roused a wolf who was sleeping under a tree.. Hmmm…A delicious little girl..! But where is she headed to ? Well Hellooo there little Missy… Will you share some of your food with me ?? So sorry Mr Wolf.. But I cannot give the food to you.. This chicken soup is for my sick Grandma.. Who lives in her tiny cottage all alone.. But wait I can surely give you this apple… The Grandma lives all alone.. I will eat up the old woman first and then eat this little girl.. I must act craftily, so as to catch them both. Hahahaha Wa… wa.. wait a minute Missy.. I know what can make your sick Grandma healthy again.. Really, what is it ? Please…Can you tell me… Those strawberries over there contain magical powers.. If you give some to your Grandma, she’ll recover soon.. Ohh Wow… Thank you so much, Mister.. I’ll go and pick some right away… Nice…now let me head towards Grandma’s house.. While Little Red Riding Hood was busy picking up strawberries for her Grandma.. the nasty wolf hurried towards Grandma’s cottage.. He had decided to gobble up Grandma followed by Little Red.. The wolf reached Grandma’s cottage.. and found Grandma peacefully sleeping on her bed.. Hmmm…Look at her sleeping so peacefully… Who is it ? Why have you come here ? To eat you and your grand-daughter ! Ha..ha..ha.. What ? Get out of this place.. Singing a merry tune, Red Riding Hood reached Grandma’s cottage… But as soon as she went inside.. she was baffled to see her Grandma… She went towards Grandma’s bed and asked.. Huh ? Oh Goodness… What big eyes you have, Grandma! All The better to see you with, my sweet girl.. What deep voice you have Grandma… All the better to greet you with.. my child.. And what big hands you have ! All the better to hug you with… Huh? And why is your mouth so large? All the better to eat you with…ha ha ha ha ha After gobbling up Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma.. The big bad wolf fell asleep on the bed.. And began to snore loudly… A woodcutter.. who was passing by Grandma’s house.. paused as he heard the startling snoring noise coming from inside… Sensing that something was not right.. The Woodcutter headed towards the cottage.. Oh heavens!! This sly wolf is sleeping on Grandma’s bed.. Why is his stomach rumbling this way ? Huh!!! Oh No, I think the wolf has gobbled up Grandma Let me teach this sly wolf a good lesson… Woodcutter cut open the wolf’s stomach.. and out came safely Grandma and Red Riding Hood.. Woodcutter then placed a large stone inside the wolf’s stomach.. and Grandma quickly sewed up the stomach.. Oh Grandma.. I was so scared ! This bad wolf didn’t harm you, right ? My sweet child, I am alright.. and I am really happy to see you safe and sound… Thank you so much, young man.. Then all three of them hide themselves outside the cottage… and waited for the wolf to wake up… The wolf finally got up from his deep sleep.. However, he was feeling extremely thirsty.. Grrr…why is my stomach so heavy ? The wolf couldn’t hold up the weight of the heavy rock in his stomach.. and he soon slipped into the river.. and drowned immediately.. Bye..bye.. big bad wolf.. Little Red Riding Hood promised her Grandma.. to never talk to strangers again. And Also Thankful of Woodcutter.. Later on.. For Whole day all three of them had lots of fun together.. and they also enjoyed eating the delicious chocolate cake baked by Grandma.. Thank you for saving me and my Grandma, Mr. Woodcutter…


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